EN590. Not sanctioned. 100.000MT.
FOB Fujairah TTT.
Price 680$
MOQ : 50,000 MT


1. The Buyer sends ICPO along with a POF, CIS and Passport Copy of signatory.
2. Seller provides Commercial Invoice to Buyer. Buyer signs and returns Commercial Invoice (CI).
3. The Buyer issues SWIFT MT 199\MT799.
4. Seller releases Full POP documentation:
a. Certificate of Origin;
b. Tank Storage Receipt (TSR);
c. Fresh SGS Q&Q report less than 48 hours;
d. ATSC Authorization to sell and collect,
e. ATV authorization to verify;
f. Tank Fact Sheet;
g. An Unconditional DTA for Buyer’s optional dip test if needed;
5. Buyer provides Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) & TSR (If exist, if does not exist, seller will assist with its logistic in Rotterdam after a positive result of the solvency verification) and Letter of Guarantee (issued by Buyer’s company on full letterhead), confirming the availability of logistics or tanks to receive the requested product (if buyer has TSA). If there is no contract, then the Buyer expresses its intention to conclude a storage agreement / sublease agreement for the Seller’s tanks and asks the Seller to assist in concluding such an agreement and the commitment to return the Commercial Invoice signed and stamped.
6. Buyer verifies the full Proof of Product (POP) documentation.
7. Seller provides SAP, upon approval, both parties sign SPA.
8. Buyer pays after completion of injection for the total value of product injected into the buyer’s tanks through the means of SWIFT MT103 and the title ownership will be immediately transferred to the buyer.

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