How to issue



If you are considering starting a business with Tasin Company, it may be beneficial to issue an LOI to ensure that both parties are on the same page. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when drafting an LOI:

  1. Identify the parties involved: The LOI should clearly identify the parties involved in the proposed business venture, including their legal names, Director Name and contact information.
  2. Describe the proposed business venture: The LOI should provide a brief overview of the proposed business venture, including its purpose, goals, and objectives.
  3. Specify the scope of the agreement: The LOI should clearly define the scope of the proposed agreement, including the products or services to be provided, the duration of the agreement, and any exclusivity or non-compete provisions.
  4. Outline the terms and conditions: The LOI should outline the basic terms and conditions of the proposed agreement, including the pricing structure, payment terms, and any warranties or guarantees.
  5. Include contingencies: The LOI should include contingencies for unforeseen circumstances, such as changes in market conditions or regulatory requirements.
  6. Establish timelines: The LOI should establish timelines for the negotiation and execution of a formal agreement, including any key milestones or deadlines.
  7. Clarify the status of the LOI: The LOI should clearly state that it is a non-binding document and that the parties are not legally bound to the terms outlined in the LOI.

By issuing an LOI, you can establish a clear understanding between the parties and provide a framework for negotiations. This can help to streamline the negotiation process, minimize misunderstandings, and ensure that both parties are working towards the same goals.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that an LOI is not a legally binding document. It is simply a starting point for negotiations and provides a roadmap for the parties to follow. It is important to work with legal counsel to ensure that any formal agreement is drafted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Sent your Letter of intent to us as details below : 

  • Company Address : 177/158 Soi Supaong 1, NongBon Subdistrict, Pravet District, Bangkok THAILAND.
  • Attention : K.Paitoon 
  • Atten Email : 


SAMPLE – Letter of Inten for AU



Letter of Intent

Date: xx/xxxxxxxx/2023

Attention: Gold Bullion Seller

We (Full Company Name) acting as (Buyer or Buyer’s Representative), representative (Full Name), (Country of Citizenship), (Passport Number), (Business Address), hereby issue our letter of intent for the purchase of Gold Bullion with the following details.

Transaction Number

If Any…
Product: AU Precious Metal HS71081200 in Bar form 99.95+% (Year 1999 – 2014)

Older than 5 years

Total Volume:

xxx KG/ MT

1st Tranche: 400KG/ MT
Subsequent tranches xxx KG/ MT – per week or per month
Purity: 99.95% – 99.99%
Fineness:  24 karats
Hallmark: International recognized and accepted hallmarks (Refer to Seller’s draft SPA)
Delivery: FOB Bangkok, Thailand
Location: Address of delivery location
Verification: Bank to Bank Only
Price: 1,650,000 per kilogram, depending on the volume per tranche (minimum 400 kilograms)
Commissions: Total Baht 12,500 for each Buy and Sell Side) – all commissions will be paid by the Seller Via IMFPA

Payment guarantee:

. Overseas’ bank MT700 (L/C at sight – transferable, assignable and divisible)

. Local bank’s Letter of Guarantee (LG), SBLC or Domestic Letter of Credit (DL/C)


SWIFT MT103 or local bank’s cash transfer within (3) banking days of issuance of the Refinery Final Assay Report)

Best Regards,



Buyer: (Name)                                                                             



Documents required:


. Copy of Passport/ ID

. Copy of Company Registration

. Proof of Fund in THAILAND