Jet A1 FOB Fujairah 
FOB Fujairah TTT or TTV
Price FOB 90$ per BARREL
Quantity Avaliable : 5,000,000 BARREL

WORKING PROCEDURE FOB (Tank to tank, tank to vessel)

1. The Buyer sends the ICPO + FRESH POF in accordance with the working procedures and acceptance of the Seller’s preferential offer.
2. The Seller issues a Соmmercial Invoice (C.I.), the Buyer signs it within 24 hours and returns it to the Seller within its validity period.
3. After receiving and familiarizing with the signed CI, the seller issues ATV (Authorization to Verification) and permission to conduct a DTA (Deep Test Authorization) in the tank of the Seller, which must be completed and signed by the Buyer for conducting the DTA together with signed copies of CI;
4. The Seller returns the DTA, fully completed and signed during its validity period, and after successful joint verification of the completed DTA, the Seller issues the following complete POP documents:
A. A recent SGS report;
B. Seller’s permission to use their product tank;
C. Product passport (quantity and quality analysis);
D. Authorization to Sell and Obtain a Certificate (ATSCC);
E. Injection Report (PIR);
F. NCNDA/IMFPA (completed by all intermediaries)
G. Certificate of Origin of the product;
5. After receiving and confirming the above POP documents, the Buyer provides them to testing specialists (SGS or INTERTEK), and the necessary tests are carried out on the product in the seller’s tanks.
6. The Buyer, after a successful immersion test, makes a full payment via MT103/TT bank transfer for the entire product, pays a commission to all intermediaries involved in the transaction within 24 hours after confirming the Buyer’s identity.
After payment for the batch of goods and crediting funds to the Seller’s account, the Seller immediately transfers all rights and documents for the goods to the Buyer. The Buyer has the opportunity to immediately pick up the goods from the Seller’s warehouse to the Buyer’s ship or storage free during 72 working hours. For next each day of the stay of his (paid) goods, the Buyer pays the Seller according to the Seller’s storage sublease contract on the basis of the Seller’s existing TSA with payment as agreed of the Seller.
7. The seller enters into a contract for the period desired by the buyer after the successful completion of the trial order

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